LMF Manifesto


Our communities are sick. 

Our children are sick.

We have questions and we want answers.

It is the mission of Latinos for Medical Freedom to help right this wrong.

Founded by Carina Powers and Vanessa Madrid, Latinos for Medical Freedom (LMF) is a grassroots organization committed to advancing the health and well being of Latino communities in California and beyond. 

Having grown up in Salinas, California’s “salad bowl”, they saw firsthand the struggles of the Latino community when it came to farming and workers’ rights. As a young girl, Carina marched with her father alongside Cesar Chavez while they fought to protect California’s vital farming communities. The founders of LMF both grew up understanding the power in uniting to stand up against injustice.

Carina and Vanessa were inspired to form Latinos for Medical Freedom after witnessing the violation of informed consent in Latino communities. A primary focus of Latinos for Medical Freedom is ensuring that complete and up-to-date medical literature on pharmaceuticals and environmental toxins is provided in Spanish. For the health of all, LMF, alongside our allies, is committed to holding corporations, regulatory agencies, and our elected officials at all levels of government accountable to the people.

While working boots on the ground since 2015 in California, LMF found a climate of discrimination and barriers to the position of reason around complex health conditions. Leaders speak often of “California for All”, “Health for All”, and a strong commitment to protecting the disenfranchised. Latinos for Medical Freedom has identified glaring gaps in this inclusive policy that Democrats claim to embrace. We believe that bringing awareness to these inconsistencies will create meaningful solutions aligned with the values we all share.  

Latinos for Medical Freedom is an inclusive, non-violent, social justice organization whose objective is to collaborate and move forward in unity with people of all ethnic backgrounds. We fight for medical freedom for all people, while bringing the plight of the Latino community out of the shadows.

Where there is suffering…

Where there is discrimination…

We want you to know, your story matters.

People in communities across our nation are afraid to make their voices heard. 

We are the new Cesar Chavez generation and we hear you.

Freedom is not free.

Join us.  


“Fight Like a Mother!”

With Love,

Carina Powers, Co-founder

Vanessa Madrid, Co-founder