The LMF Team

Carina Powers



Carina Powers a native of Salinas for most of her life and currently living in Monterey, California. She is a mother of 5 and a business owner of a successful Bridal Beauty Service. 

Her Father marched along with Cesar Chavez in the early 70's in Salinas where Cesar Chavez was arrested. Her Father later attended several rallies bringing along Carina and her siblings for the experience. Activism has been engrained in her from a very young age it's in her blood. "We are the New Cesar Chavez Generation".

Having been raised in the east side of Salinas, she witnessed first hand the needs in her community. Spanish being her first language, she then later recognized that in her native tongue she would be able to help the under represented communities. After seeking truths in her culture she then learned of the oppressions that it has faced where she committed to be the voice for those unheard.


 From a very young age Carina has worked in the fields during summers, from picking cherry tomatoes, strawberries and thinning (the process of removing weeds) where she learning strong work ethics. Her Mother successfully then got out of the fields into a Beauty Salon. Carina learned that hard work goes hand in hand with success. She than later worked in health care helping translate documents and in health care seminars.  

Having worked in a Chiropractic office Carina then became informed of natural healing methods of which helped with her very own autoimmune issues such as endometriosis, hypothyroid & psoriasis. Despite having this knowledge her first child nearly succumbed to vaccine injury at birth. 

Carina then became vocal and speaking out on the issue of vaccine injury. After realizing that no one seemed to care for these children. She then became involved by attending several rallies for SB277 in San Francisco, Sacramento & Santa Cruz. In Santa Cruz is where she me Vanessa Madrid. Another Latina Mom with the same vision. 

During SB276 it became prevalent that the Latino community was not receiving the accurate information in their language to make the informed decisions pertaining to any medical procedures. This is where the birth of Latinos for Medical Freedom took place. 

Vanessa Madrid



Vanessa Madrid, a 1st generation Mexican American who lives in the Salad Bowl of the world Salinas, California. Having grown up in the streets of Salinas has made Vanessa see life from the point of view of the lost, the forgotten & the broken.


As a young girl Vanessa was taught to always give a helping hand, speak up & fight for those who could not do so for themselves. Vanessa and her family have always been part of their community by helping, advocating, trying to make a difference & a positive change. Vanessa Founded a grassroots movement within her community called, We Dare to Care, this group consisted of mothers, fathers, children, business owners & educators who simply Dared to Care.   Advocated & fund raised for their local homeless community, foster youth, women's shelters. and yes even their little furry friends at animal shelters.

Vanessa comes from adversity & fighting is in her blood, with her Faith she has overcome what most couldn't even imagine. 

As a mother of two sons who had many medical issues, Vanessa began looking into environmental toxins as well as ingredients that her & her children were putting into their bodies. Coming from a community of Farm workers and knowing the extreme dangers of Pesticides, Vanessa began connecting the dots. When out in her community speaking and informing her raza "her people," she realized that there was little to NO information in Spanish. 

Vanessa saw her people be taken advantage of & treated as second class citizens, remembering history & remembering the Cesar Chavez & Dolores Huerta Movement she knew that she had to rise up to the occasion for the betterment of her children, her community, her people & the world.

Along with another amazing activist & local Mother, Vanessa & Carina Founded "LMF" Latinos for Medical Freedom  to give the People their voice back & to give true Informed Consent to Spanish speakers & Spanish readers. LMF is a true grassroots movement who has boots on the ground & who's sole mission is to make a change in our world regarding Pesticides in our food, water, ground & bloodstreams & to have information in the language that The People can understand. Vanessa was Called & Chosen for "Such a Time as This" Esther 4:14